bref eco parle de Griffon

Published on 4 April 2017

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Design is everywhere. It can also seep in into your toilets… such as ‘hydrochasses’ of the Griffon Company (near Saint-Etienne) do. Those ‘hydrochasses’ have left their mark on generations of schoolchildren and social housing tenants, with their column placed above WC pans.

This flush designed by a plumber from Saint-Etienne in the 50’s, gets colours back thanks to the instigation of two childhood friends, now both managers. Whereas the first one, François Mounier, owns a Company specialised in the manufacture of made-in-aluminum technical goods for buildings (Alsolu; at la Ricamarie), the second one, Thibaud Elzière felt like rubbing shoulders with the real industrial world after having made a name for himself in the digital world with the image bank Fotolia (of which he was one of the founders) and resold to Adobe in 2014.

Both businessmen didn’t reckon on savings to make this product full of surprising contemporary qualities back in business. The Griffon ‘hydrochasse’ is made with noble materials: powder-coated aluminium for the reservoir, stainless steel and chrome brass for the control lever as well as chrome brass for the base.

With the control lever, the user may control the water flow and thus the water consumption. An air gap compressed into the upper part of the reservoir allows freeing

1 million of euros invested. Since its purchase at the beginning of 2016, both purchasers invested 1 million of euros in the Company, in the move of the factory floors in new premises at Le Chambon-Feugerolles, in the updating of IT and management systems, in the development of new ranges and also in their promotion on exhibitions dedicated to architecture, design and decoration.

After a first exercise ending on 360 000 euros of turnover, Griffon aims to deploy largely its activity to large retailers and the export sector. The purpose is to reach 3 millions of turnover in 2018, especially with the customizable and top-of-the-range products. We will soon have the possibility to set our own pictures on the reservoir. Griffon conveys an introduction to a trip, to a kind of unexpected daydream in toilets!