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Wall-hung system

(for wall-hung toilets)

Réf – 610

Wall-hung system

(for wall-hung toilets)

With the “ATLAS” wall-hung system, our ‘hydrochasses’ collections become compatible with wall-hung toilets and allow you to create a modern and functional bathroom.

The « ATLAS » wall-hung system developed by our research department is innovative and provides many advantages:

> It adapts many applications, corner installations and is self-supporting in most configurations.

> The height is adjustable from 370 to 470 mm.

> The « ATLAS » wall-hung system is designed to make the lightweight partition wall covering easier it is set up inside the floor rail and does not have visible screws in order to facilitate the vertical rails positioning.

> The 100 mm diameter connecting hose is compatible with French standards In addition to the fact that it is vertically adjustable, it offers an ingenious horizontal setting system.

> Power-coated steel materials, stainless steel fastenings.10-year guaranteed product.