Blue Duck

A little corner that is dog-friendly

On a single wall, duck blue brings depth and character to the room. Decorators love it, creators too and we We easily adhere to it, because it is a Blue, which is the favorite color of the majority of us, it is a wise, calm and subtly green color. Duck blue can thus take on a more vintage appearance when combined with a retro-modern item like a Griffon kit. Duck blue is not only a fashionable color but a real state of mind.

So if you want to add a unique touch to your interior decor, don't hesitate to adopt it. Note that yellow, the warm color par excellence, is a great ally to enhance duck blue.

This offer includes:

  • A new generation Griffon Hydrochase
  • A teal blue controller ball
  • A Griffon drop pipe
  • A reticulated wooden flap with assisted descent in teal blue color
  • A vintage style ceramic bowl - Floor installation with horizontal outlet
  • A free angle water inlet tap

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Have your Griffon toilets delivered to your home anywhere in Europe or choose to have them installed by a professional in your region.


Choosing a duck blue colored hydroflush for your toilet means choosing to stay in a good mood while prioritizing environmental issues. In fact, the mechanism of the hyrdrochasses Griffon allows you to reduce your water consumption (up to 70%) thanks to pressurized water storage which increases the water consumption tenfold. evacuation performance. Durable and resistant, the Griffon hydrohunts are guaranteed for 10 years.

Eco-responsible flushing

The hydrochasing mechanism was developed in 1950 by Claudius Griffon. Its system is based on the pressurized storage of water in the tank, in order to optimize the evacuation power. In addition, the manual control lever makes it easier to control the flow rate. Result: with a hydroflush, you can save up to 70% water. Some have already used a hydrohunt at school or in a hotel; more than 2 million copies have been sold in France! For individuals looking for an economical and original flush, the hydroflush represents an interesting option. In addition, with Duck Blue, your toilets will take on another dimension: no more unstylish little corner, make way for well-appointed toilets!

Quality and Made in France

Choosing a toilet made in France assures you of its performance and durability. Located in the Saint-Etienne industrial basin, the Griffon workshops perpetuate century-old know-how. They carry out tests on each model leaving the production line: resistance to 10 bars, general good functioning. Confident in its products, the brand has a 10-year guarantee; a mark of trust for users.


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