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The toilets at Griffon's castle

Issue 1 - April 2024: In this inaugural article of A place, A GRIFFON, we take you on a journey to explore The Château de Caumont

The magnificent courtyard of honour, where wedding dinners are held

Located at the gates of Toulouse, the CAUMONT Castle is nicknamed "the Loire Castle in Toulouse Gascony." Nestled in the heart of a 50-hectare green setting, this magnificent structure, classified as a historical monument, is the largest castle in Gers. Built in 1535 by the renowned Toulouse architect Nicolas Bachelier, this Renaissance castle is a true family estate that has been restored from generation to generation by its passionate owners.

From left to right: The château's private room - Painting of the Duc d'Epernon - Queen Elizabeth during her visit in 1988

Authentic and steeped in history, the Château de Caumont is an exceptional residence that has always been inhabited. Rich with history, the castle is filled with exceptional pieces that showcase the French craftsmanship of past centuries and the presence of emblematic figures of French history such as the Duke of Épernon or Henry IV. The Château de Caumont also houses representations of the Duke of Épernon, notably through trompe-l'œil paintings adorning the private salon. These magnificent artistic works, bearing witness to the history and prestige associated with the residence, have been restored thanks to the generous support of the Sotheby's prize.

In 1980, the Château de Caumont was acquired by Jean de Castelbajac and his wife Michèle. They not only preserved the authenticity and charm of the residence but also continued the tradition of hosting renowned personalities. The reception of Queen Elizabeth II in 1988 is a striking example of this tradition of royal hospitality. Thus, the Château de Caumont continues to shine as a place of exception, blending glorious past and preservation of tradition in a majestic setting.

In the foreground, the orangery and château grounds. In the background, the Château de Caumont.

The Château de Caumont, now inhabited by Mathilde and Ghislain De Castelbajac, has been transformed into a reception venue as prestigious as it is welcoming. The vast spaces of the residence allow for a variety of events, from weddings to seminars to private receptions, offering a memorable experience to its guests. The Orangery of the castle houses a large reception hall capable of accommodating a large number of guests, while the various spaces in the park offer breathtaking scenery, including centuries-old cedar trees and stunning views of the Pyrenees.

Additionally, the castle offers several rooms as well as a cottage that can accommodate up to 30 people, allowing guests to prolong their experience in this enchanting setting.

The griffins of the castle

In the 19th century, a period of opulence and fascination with neo-Gothic and neo-Renaissance styles, griffins were often used as symbols of protection and strength. Their presence on the frescoes of the troubadour salon and on the cement tiles at the entrance of the castle gives a true visual identity to this residence, with the griffins becoming a recognizable signature of the ornamentation of Château de Caumont. Beyond their decorative aspect, griffins also convey rich symbolism associated with power, royalty, and vigilance. Their presence thus reinforces the noble and prestigious character of the castle, emphasizing its historical significance and cultural heritage.

The Queen Elisabeth bedroom

It was therefore an obvious choice for Mathilde De Castelbajac during the renovation of the bathrooms to integrate the GRIFFON brand as a nod to these fantastical creatures present throughout the residence. Beyond the symbolism, the choice of Griffon toilets for Mathilde was to highlight French-made toilets boasting genuine craftsmanship, while also maintaining a sanitary style in line with the spirit of the castle to blend into the bathroom decor without detracting from the authentic style that Mathilde wanted to preserve at the château.

A bathroom space that invites relaxation in the castle
The Griffon toilets installed in the castle

The Château de Caumont boasts over 15 Griffon toilets spread throughout the castle's bedrooms, reception areas, and the guesthouse. The reliability of Griffon toilets enables them to meet Mathilde's needs in the reception areas, which, due to their heavy traffic, require high-quality sanitary facilities to ensure an optimal user experience. Thus, Griffon toilets not only serve as decorative elements of the castle but also symbolize its commitment to the comfort and satisfaction of its visitors, embodying the perfect alliance between history, style, and functionality.

A bathroom space that invites relaxation
GRIFFON toilets installed in the chateau

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Mathilde and Ghislain De Castelbajac for graciously opening the doors of their castle to us. The visit to this historically rich place has been an unforgettable and exceptional experience. We are deeply grateful for their warm hospitality and generosity during the exploration of this magnificent residence. For further information about the castle, please visit their website.

Mathilde & Ghislain De Castelbajac


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