GRIFFON - timeless look, unique technology

GRIFFON - timeless look
unique technology

GRIFFON brings you alternative solutions, which combine aesthetics with sustainable design, and helps you create unique bathrooms and a unique experience :
  • With a design vintage look, you can bring an extra stylish touch to your bathroom decor!
  • 12 colour options to choose from, you can customise your bathroom to suit your taste
  • The unique flush system with flush control lever allows you to control how much water is used, according to your needs
  • Unique technology combining air and water pressure for greater efficiency (which means less water is needed), saving up to 70% of water per flush!
  • Unrivalled flush noise reduction
  • Our products are manufactured in France using short supply chains wherever possible, enabling us to limit the carbon footprint of your toilet
  • We strive for continual improvement, so that we can offer you a product that is as effective and efficient as possible and good for the planet too!

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GRIFFON, alternative for more than 70 years

GRIFFON, alternative
for more than 70 years

The desire to offer seriously alternative solutions, is not a mere passing trend at GRIFFON (even if we are always delighted to see more and more of these kinds of projects come to fruition!). It has been part of our brand's DNA for almost 70 years!

Claudius Griffon, who founded the brand, was always an original thinker. He was forward-looking and had high ambitions both for his company and for society. He began his career by helping to build the luxury hotels at the Vichy spa resort towards the end of the 19th century. So renowned was his talent that he was entrusted with creating the bathrooms for the famous luxury hotel George V, in Paris, a great example of design, style and elegance.

He proceeded to take on assignments throughout France to bring running water to the countryside. After being injured in WWII in 1940, it was from his hospital bed (which he was confined to for 1 whole year!) that he came up with the idea for a revolutionary flush technology based on a hydro-pneumatic system. 10 years later, the first GRIFFON was created in Saint-Étienne. The brand was a resounding success and millions of GRIFFON toilets were installed across France.

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The future of GRIFFON

GRIFFON was taken over in 2015 by 2 successful young entrepreneurs: François Mounier and Thibaud Elzière. The 2 partners, who had been friends since childhood, fell in love with the brand and its manufacturing history in the Saint-Étienne region (both are Saint-Étienne natives!).

Their intention was clear from the start: GRIFFON had to offer its customers reliable solutions, provide a sustainable revenue stream for all partners in the supply chain and offer environmentally-friendly solutions. The new 2022 GRIFFON model is the embodiment of this thinking. It offers a solution that is even more efficient and long-lasting, while maintaining the key ingredients of its success: a unique look, customisable colour options and up to 70% of water saved with each flush. Learn more

Beyond the object, we pursue an ideal on a daily basis: to restore value to people and the planet.

This requires respect for all the actors, internal and external, who support GRIFFON, and the preservation of water, a major challenge for the years to come.

- François Mounier


Our mission ? Make toilets that matter! For you, as for the planet. We want to give back a place of choice to the toilets and make it a room in its own right thanks to a colourful, elegant and original product. But this wish cannot be done without taking into account the world around us. Also, at GRIFFON, we are committed to:
  • Maintaining the hydropneumatic technique which improves flushing efficiency and controls water consumption; Learn more
  • Work with highly skilled plumbers who produce work of the highest quality;
  • Use short supply chains wherever possible to limit our carbon footprint;
  • Offer a price point that enables each supplier in the supply chain to be fairly compensated
    and to be able to make a living from their work (from the expert plumbers we work with to GRIFFON employees);
  • Provide a working environment where everyone can flourish
  • Continue to put our values into action through our efforts to contribute to building a better world for the future,
    in a spirit of on-going improvement...

The GRIFFON teams are continually searching for the best solutions, in keeping with our brand’s values of corporate, social and environmental responsibility. Watch this space! New concepts are in fact already in the pipeline...

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GRIFFON was first a family business and then a business centred around a community, working alongside our clients, installers, plumbers, architects, specialist distributors, private individuals and suppliers. If you would like to keep in touch, you can find us on your favourite social networks (OK, we don’t have TIKTOK or Snapchat yet, but we’re not doing too bad!)

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