Are you looking to bring a touch of originality and elegance to your bathroom? Created in 1950, THE ORIGINAL GRIFFON stands apart because of its timeless vintage look. And because every interior is different, we have 12 colour options, so you can completely customise your bathroom! !

In addition to its unique style, THE ORIGINAL GRIFFON is also a great example of French savoir-faire and reflects our commitment to combining efficiency and sustainable design. With its hydro-pneumatic technology,
it saves up to 70% of water with each flush. Learn more


Highly efficient & Long-lasting

Manufactured in France

Can be customised

Starting in the 1950s, GRIFFON has created a unique and timeless product through the decades.
GRIFFON is also a state of mind, it represents a vision of the world and is values-driven. Our products are manufactured in France (in Saint-Étienne to be precise!) and enable you to control the amount of water used with each flush. While traditional toilets use up to 6 litres of water per flush, a GRIFFON uses only 1.5 L, thanks to the highly efficient combination of pressure + water!

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View your GRIFFON in augmented reality

View your GRIFFON
in augmented reality

Because we know that investing in making your bathroom unique is a serious business, and making your choice without seeing it in situ can be difficult, we have come up with a slightly... shall we say, alternative... solution! You can see what your GRIFFON will look like in situ, in the colour of your choice, with our augmented reality tool. To experience this, it's easy, you just need a smartphone!

  1. On your computer Choose your colour option in our 3D configuration tool, click on the cube, and scan the QR code with your smartphone (yes, just like in a restaurant!) and follow the instructions displayed on your screen
  2. On your smartphone It’s even easier - simply choose your colour option, click on the cube and follow the instructions.

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GRIFFON was first a family business and then a business centred around a community, working alongside our clients, installers, plumbers, architects, specialist distributors, private individuals and suppliers. If you would like to keep in touch, you can find us on your favourite social networks (OK, we don’t have TIKTOK or Snapchat yet, but we’re not doing too bad!)

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