Metallic gold

A toilet worthy of a royal throne

The golden brightness creates the ambiance; a Griffon hydrohunt in Gold, the sublime.

It’s a strong color that requires attention. Also for the complete Griffon kit, we recommend that you match it with a black or white seat.

This offer includes:

  • A new generation Griffon Hydrochase
  • A gold-colored controller ball
  • A Griffon drop pipe
  • A reticulated wooden flap with assisted descent in black or white color
  • A vintage style ceramic bowl - Floor installation with horizontal outlet
  • A free angle water inlet tap

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Have your Griffon toilets delivered to your home anywhere in Europe or choose to have them installed by a professional in your region.


The GRIFFON flush, toilet icon, is always revolutionary: thanks to its unique hydropneumatic mechanism, water is released under pressure for greater efficiency while guaranteeing reduced water consumption ( saving up to 70% water). Griffon hydrochasse, French manufacturing with 10-year guarantee!

A complete kit that combines design and performance

Sober in its color, the White hydrochase from the Classique collection stands out for its inimitable style. This flush, both vintage chic and modern efficiency, brings a design touch to toilets: the opportunity to stand out with a resolutely original, high-quality product. Because there are no small desires: GRIFFON Kits offer you the possibility of choosing a floor or suspended installation, whether in a traditional or modern bowl style.

But the Griffon hydrohunt also has a notable eco-responsible dimension: it is made of recyclable materials and allows significant water savings. Unlike other toilet flushes on the market, the hydroflush sends water under pressure, which optimizes its performance. The flow is easily regulated by the control lever. More than 2 million households have already installed a hydroflush in France!

The quality of Made in France

Griffon has always manufactured hydrochases in its workshops in the Saint-Etienne region. All ranges are now made from aluminum: a recyclable material selected for its high resistance. All hydrohunts pass the test bench: they must withstand a pressure of 10 bars. This quest for quality results in a 10-year guarantee for all products.


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