Griffon The Original

Install performance
and water savings in your bathroom!

Seriously Reliable
Guarantee: 2 years

Seriously Local
Manufactured in France

Seriously Responsible
saves up to 70% of water

GRIFFON, seriously alternative toilets since 1950

At GRIFFON, we want to make toilets that matter! For you and for the planet. So, to make your toilet a room in its own right, carrying meaning, we invite you to discover the new version of our iconic product: GRIFFON, The Original.

| French elegance, originality and simplicity

GRIFFON, The Original. it's a vintage look, chrome aluminum finishes and a selection of 12 different colors, for elegant and original toilets.

Easier to use, the new GRIFFON now has a fixed mechanism that no longer requires adjustments!

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| Water is precious

To improve efficiency and control your water consumption, GRIFFON, L'Original. uses a unique technique, called hydropneumatics.

Thanks to the combination of air and water pressure, your GRIFFON toilet consumes 3x less drinking water than a conventional toilet.

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| A sustainable product, made in France

To reinforce the seal and guarantee greater durability of your GRIFFON, we now use an injected mold made of recyclable plastic

Finally, we want to highlight French talent and know-how to offer you the best products.

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Anthracite Grey
Blue Classic
Scandinavian Blue
Teal Blue
Green Forest
Metallic Gold
Salmon red

This offer includes:

  • A new generation Hydrochasse Griffon
  • A color joystick ball
  • A Griffon drop pipe
  • A reticulated wooden seat with assisted descent
  • A vintage style ceramic bowl - Floor installation horizontal outlet
  • An angled water inlet tap offered

Delivery in France and everywhere in Europe
Free delivery in metropolitan France.

1521,00€ TTC* 1521,00€ TTC* *Payment possible
 in 3x or 4x without fees


Private individuals, hotels, stately homes, third places, restaurants, guest houses and businesses... They have all chosen to bring a stylish touch to their bathroom decor! Because we are so proud of our products and how our clients have incorporated them into their interior design projects, we have prepared a selection of images to share with you... We have to say, they look SERIOUSLY great, don't you think? ;)


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