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According to our product testing, Hydrochasse tanks reach a volume of 55 dB during refilling
A > Does your Griffon make a “snoring” sound while refilling?
Tighten the grub screw to reduce the filling flow rate - this will prevent noise and vibrations during refilling.


The Griffon system was designed for optimal functioning with water pressure of 3 to 5 bars.
A > If your Griffon takes a long time to refill, it is because the water pressure on your installation is insufficient...
Loosen the grub screw, to increase the filling flow rate
B > If the problem persists it is because your installation has water pressure of less than 3 bars
For water pressure less than 3 bars, it is possible to pull out the grub screw completely in order to increase the water flow. Below 2 bars, a pressure booster must be installed for the system to function properly.


Griffon recommends a selection of toilet bowls to channel the water flow inside the toilet.
A > If your installation seems to be trying to become a shower as well, this is because the water pressure is too high.
The flush mechanism is controlled by tightening or loosening the stop screw located on the flush lever:

1 - Remove the handle without shutting off the water (see procedure below) - It is not necessary to shut off the water
2 - Tighten the stop screw for a stronger flush action and loosen to reduce the force of the flush action;
3 - The stop screw may have become loose, or there may have been a change in water pressure. In this case, adjust the screw (see below). You could also fix the screw in place using a thread-locking fluid to ensure it does not work itself loose


Griffon, as with any sanitary appliance, does not like limescale...
A >The water has been shut off or limescale build-up is causing seepage.
Empty the tank then refill it again (see part 3)
If you find you need to do this on a regular basis, we advise you to place Teflon on the connector located between the isolation valve and the water inlet for the pipework, as well as between the pipe and the isolation valve.
If you live in a hard water area We recommend that you install a water softener
B > If the pipes are blocked
Shut off the water supply and remove the grub screw. Replace the cover screw and turn the water supply back on, check that the tank is filling up

If the problem persists despite this intervention:

  • 1 - Disassemble the pipework (shut off the water supply and completely empty the tank before doing this)
  • 2 - Blow into the three holes located inside - if air is not passing through, it means they are blocked.
    Pass a needle through the holes to unblock them, or soak the pipes in white vinegar.

C > The handle is too stiff

  • - The water pressure may be too high - check the water pressure and if necessary install a pressure reducer (see part 1)
  • - Over time, the handle can accumulate deposits of limescale. In this case, it needs to be cleaned using white vinegar
  • - If after descaling, the handle still remains stiff, it may be that the handle is worn out, in which case it needs to be replaced.


The installation of a Griffon unit is straightforward but the steps set out in the instructions must be followed.
A > Your Griffon is leaking through the pipework : your water pressure may be too high.
For installations with water pressure exceeding 5 bars a pressure reducer must be installed for the system to function properly.
B > There is a leak between the pipework and the tank when I work the flush.

  • If you are not using a GRIFFON waste pipe, we cannot guarantee the proper functioning of the Hydrochasse.
  • If the waste pipe is installed too far inside the toilet bowl, water will be forced back inside the system.
    A minimum distance of 20 mm is required between the end of the pipe and the toilet bowl outlet.
  • The flush action is too strong and water is being forced back inside the system: you need to adjust the stop screws to reduce the force of the flush action (see part 2).

C > There is a continuous leak between the pipework and the tank.

  • Over time, the 51x40 pipe connector can become worn out and must be replaced.
    You can check the condition of the connector by disconnecting the pipework.
    To do this, you must shut off the water supply and empty the GRIFFON.
  • LThe pipework may not be screwed on properly to the tank despite the best efforts taken - in this case, tighten the screws.
    If despite this action the leak is persisting, a replacement will be necessary.

D > There is a leak around the handle.
Check that the waste pipe is not installed too far inside the toilet bowl.
If the leak appears when the unit is installed, it may be that the flush action is too strong, in which case make any adjustments necessary (see part 2); E > If the leak appears with use.

  • In the case of a leak appearing on the left of the chrome cylinder: replace the red fibre washer (diameter 18) which creates a seal between the flush lever and the pipework;
  • In the case of a leak appearing to the right of the chrome cylinder: the flush lever is faulty, and needs to be replaced.

F > Water is running continuously into the toilet bowl.
The ball float located in the cistern seals the cistern when the flush lever is not in use. It could be that it is not positioned correctly and is allowing a trickle of water to escape.

To put it back in the correct position :

  • 1 - Empty the tank. To do this, shut off the water supply by closing the isolation valve, then pull the flush lever continuously, leave the tank to empty completely, until you can hear no more noise from the system and the water has completely stopped running into the toilet bowl. PLEASE NOTE this can take 1 - 2 minutes
  • 2 - When the tank is completely empty, tap the cistern in order to place the ball float back in the correct place
  • 3 - Refill the tank by gradually opening the isolation valve. Leave the tank to refill completely before use.

If this does not solve the problem, it means the ball float is worn out and must be replaced

G > The flush lever is too loose.
Check that the water supply has not been shut off and is not blocked.

  • It could be that the water pressure is too low. Check the water pressure and follow the recommended actions (see part 1);
  • If water is running continuously into the toilet bowl, it could be that the ball float is not positioned correctly or is worn out. Follow the instructions in part 5C: “Water is running continuously into the toilet bowl”.


The Griffon Hydrochasse is guaranteed for 2 years and 10 years from April 2018, as long as the corresponding serial number has been registered with our Customer Service department.
A > Your Hydrochasse does not have a serial number
- Check the date of purchase on your invoice (proof of purchase): if the date is before 01/04/18, the product is discontinued (unless it is within the 2 years) - if after 01/04/18, the product will be exchanged for an identical one, or one in the colour of your choice
B > Your Hydrochasse has a serial number
- Check that you have registered it with our Customer Service department : you can contact our Customer Service department at
If it has not been registered, and if your proof of purchase is dated less than 2 years prior, please locate your invoice and call us at +33 (0)4 77 37 22 63, Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

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