Passion red

Toilets that we fall madly in love with

Red is an emotionally charged color, playing with variations of light and embodies the heat and strength of Italian volcanic lands. Halfway between terracotta and red, it risks raising the temperature in your toilet! In small touches or outright in total look, red follows the trend and creates a particular atmosphere in an interior design.

This offer includes:

  • A new generation Griffon Hydrochase
  • A passion red colored controller ball
  • A Griffon drop pipe
  • A reticulated wooden flap with assisted descent in passion red color
  • A vintage style ceramic bowl - Floor installation with horizontal outlet
  • A free angle water inlet tap

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Choosing a red water flush for your toilet means choosing to stay in a good mood while prioritizing environmental issues. In fact, the mechanism of the hyrdrochasses Griffon allows you to reduce your water consumption (up to 70%) thanks to pressurized water storage which increases the water consumption tenfold. evacuation performance. Durable and resistant, the Griffon hydrohunts are guaranteed for 10 years.

High performance colored toilet flush

The Griffon Passion Rouge hydroflush is not a flush like any other. Its retro look combined with its operatic color make it a rare object with a strong personality. We choose it for colorful toilets, with pop and original decor. Griffon supports you in designing your toilet with customization options: red lid coordinated with the ball, retro or modern style bowl, floor-standing or wall-mounted toilet. You are free to determine the color of the walls and the organization of the room: let your imagination run wild and dare to be different! Beyond the daring decorative spirit, the Griffon hydroflush is the only flush on the market that works with a hydropneumatic system, guaranteeing a reduction in water consumption.

Made in France

Griffon manufactures all of its hydrohunting collections in the Loire. The brand produces its toilet flushes in aluminum; totally recyclable material that is particularly resistant over time. Griffon hunts are characterized by their strength and durability. A quality that the brand highlights with its 10-year guarantee. The hydrohunts all go through a test bench before being put on sale: they are tested at a pressure of 10 bars.


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